Location and Hours

Mary's Place is a Refugee Outreach Center located in the Northwest Maplewood area of Rochester, NY.

  • Mary's Place is open Mondays and Fridays from Noon to 5:00 p.m.
  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays we are open Noon ’til 7:00 p.m.
  • Saturdays we are open from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m.

Donations are always welcome and accepted weekdays during our regular hours. Saturday donations are accepted from 10am to noon.

Monetary donations (tax-exempt) may be made payable to Mary's Place LLC and mailed to Mary's Place, 414 Lexington Ave., Rochester, NY 14613 or thru PayPal on this website.

About Mary's Place

Mary's Place is a non-profit refugee outreach center in Northwest Rochester, NY. Our mission is to reach out in love, hope, and service to refugees of all faiths and nationalities, especially those in the Maplewood/Edgerton neighborhood.

We feed, clothe, offer English tutoring for children and adults, hold pre-K classes, tutor K-12 students, supply students with school materials, lead field trips, and provide a safe community atmosphere. We also offer one-on-one casework counseling, assistance with Green Cards, driving permits/tests, and housing. Above all, we are a family.

Mary's Place LLC

414 Lexington Avenue, Bldg. A

Rochester, NY 14613

Kathy LaBue, Director

Contact us here by email

or call 585-270-8626


Mary's Place offers unpaid, competitive internship opportunities for students pursuing degrees in Social Work, Education, Anthropology, Sociology, Public Health and other disciplines. Students report directly to the Director of Mary’s Place and work closely with staff and other volunteers in running the Center’s programs for refugee clients.

Download our student internship guide.

June - July, 2014

Thanks to all who came to the Wine-Tasting! Thanks to Cara and Amanda who did the bulk of the work to provide us all with such a nice event. From all reports everyone had a good time and all oohed and aahed at the venue: Studio 180. It’s a beautiful place and they were so cooperative.

Another very rewarding part of this year has been the attendance at Bishop Kearney High School of 8 of our youth plus 2 at Nativity and 10 at Holy Cross School. Last Tuesday evening 4 of our 8 Bishop Kearney students were rewarded for their academic achievements. I am very pleased and proud of them and their accomplishments. Also, Joseph graduates BK this June 14 and heads on to college, Nadine, was on honor roll for 3 of her first 4 quarters at the school! Nadine, Yaak and Awal also received Athletic Awards and Nadine was honored by Monroe County with a 2014 Youth Award. Wonderful kids, wonderful families. We also have 2 at Nativity. Thank God they have come to Rochester!

Group of Mary's Place students with their diplomas

Our middle school and high-school students also, in addition to their studies and sports, need to earn $1,500 to $2,000 a year toward their own tuition. They are very reliable and good at yard work! Do you need them to help? Contact us at 270-8626.

A daily class held at Mary's PlaceThis year, in our newly renovated quarters, has also seen a large increase in the number of adult refugees attending our daily English Language classes. OASIS (the City Schools Adult Ed program) works hand in hand with us on this project.

Once again, our summer promises to be exciting! Miss Sue from NAZ will bring some of her fellow professors, interns and student volunteers to Mary’s Place for a very fun but seriously educational summer session from July 4th week to 2nd week of August. Many concepts, basics and inventive solutions will be included as well as a good dose of arts and field trips. Followed, of course, by every week ending with an Ice Cream Social (Thanks Ogden Baptist Church for the Ice Cream). In addition to this formal session there will continue to be a lot of one-on-one tutoring going on all summer (come join us?), additional Interfaith activities for our older youth and health and college counseling for youth and adults. Our adult ed classes continue days and evenings during the summer. What a delight these are and what a privilege to all involved. If you care to join us, call 585-270-8626

Oh yes: Hla Win became a citizen on May 8, 2014! Congratulations Hla Win!

Hla Win receives his citizenship certificate

Last but not least, I would be remiss in not asking for financial help (my least favorite part of the job) but we do need program support as well as tuition support. Hope you can help in either a small or large way! To so many of you who already help financially, please keep your financial support coming. It sure allows us to make a difference in a young person’s (and thereby their family’s) life. If you are more comfortable donating directly to the school please reference as Mary’s Place refugee tuition.

We thank the schools for their cooperation all the way down the line. We also thank you for continuing to support all our programs. Any questions on any of the above please call me (Kathy) at Mary’s Place (585-270-8626) or e-mail us through this site. God bless you! - Kathy

Hla Win receives his citizenship certificate.Who We Are at Mary's Place - Photo by Sarah Ann Jump

"Who We Are at Mary's Place" - photo by Sarah Ann Jump


Prayer for Women Refugees

By: Jane Deren

On the road, seeking safe shelter;

In makeshift tents, feeding children;

In resettlement centers, rebuilding community;

In strange neighborhoods, looking for a compassionate face:

Long lines of women refugees,

Thousands, millions, all searching for that grace called home.

Grant them healing and wholeness, God of the vulnerable.

As you cherished Mary, cherish these women.

Grant us eyes to see them and the will to reach out,

So they may know they are not forgotten

But are welcomed in the global community, Sisters to us all.

Education for Justice Website, Center of Concern


  • 1.4 million people have become refugees outside their own countries.
  • 26 million people have been displaced within their own countries.

May we realize that, in our interconnected world, we are linked with all displaced persons by our common humanity.