Mary’s Place: A welcoming community for refugee empowerment

Our Mission Statement

To reach out in love, hope, and service to refugees of all faiths and nationalities, particularly those in the Maplewood/Edgerton neighborhood.

Our Promise

Only Mary’s Place empowers refugees of all faiths and nationalities through long-term, neighborhood-based services. By collaborating with diverse community partners and dedicated volunteers, we help families to navigate their new lives, and Rochester to embrace its human rights legacy.

We are Safe, Compassionate, Resourceful, Collaborative, Helpful.

About Us

Mary’s Place is a refugee outreach center that has been serving refugee families living in the City of Rochester since 2009. Mary’s Place Refugee Outreach, Inc. was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation on March 27, 2019.

We are joined by refugees from 10 nations, and we assist these individuals as they work to adjust to American culture, learn English, find employment, gain permanent residency, and ultimately, citizenship. Everyday we work to provide a safe community atmosphere for our families to come together and thrive.  Our programs and services run Monday-Friday from 11:00-4:00.

Our Programs

Adult English Language classes 5 days per week

Case Management 5 days per week

Immigration Services 3 days per week

Job Skills Class 2 days per week (Suspended for COVID)

Weekly Food Distribution

Summer Children’s Day Camp (Suspended for COVID) – 6-week camp in which children receive education, exercise, lunch and snacks, weekly swim lessons and field trips

Mary’s Place in the Media

RIT Student’s Photos of Mary’s Place from Fall 2018

Mary’s Place by Nicholas Cornish

A Post Magazine Long Form on Mary’s Place and Refugee Life in Rochester

Starting Over by Carlie Fishgold and photographed by Aleen Thaler

RIT  Student’s Photojournalism Piece of the origins of Mary’s Place

Mary’s Reach by Sarah Ann Jump

Nazareth Student’s Video on the origins of Mary’s Place

Mary’s Place Refugee Outreach Center from Gregory Horton on Vimeo.

Our Board

Mark Hare (President)

Kristina Owens (Vice-President)

Marisely Marte  

Richard F. Schauseil

Mary Kay Polston

Mike Coniff 

Diane Larter

Jim Morris

Rose Davis

Megan Clifford

Nuala Hetzler Boyle

Tiffany Paine-Cirrincione

Elma Bocilo

Jamie Fazio

Christine Birnie

Kathy LaBue

Mark Dwyer

Nicole Morelle